• Current Duterte Administration enjoys very high (70%) popularity.

  • The economic  and foreign policy team and rest of cabinet ensure a certain level of political stability relative to past administrations.

  • Foreign companies are limited to 40% ownership, however, gain larger shareholding through layering.  Talks of increasing Foreign ownership to 70%.

  • Strong media that counterbalances government opinion and ensures a decent level of democratic balance in the political field.

  • Balanced leanings with both the US and the Left.  

  • Foreign policy  favors economic ties with  Russia and China  in spite of ownership issues of the South China sea border. Brings more economic benefits, thus spurring more growth.

  • Promoting a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) Program to speed up economic growth

  • Partial to technology particularly in those that would bring technology such as  internet to the masses.

  • Strong social agenda to develop and support the underprivileged and inclusion of the poor to economic development.

Population  (M)                       : 110 M

Households (M)                      :  19 M

GDP per Capita (2010E)         :  USD 3,500

GDP growth (2012E)              :   5-6%

Urbanization                           :   65%

Adult Literacy                         :   86%

Inflation  2011                        :   3.7%

FOREX Assumptions              :   P 48 = US$ 1

Remittances from OFWs p.a.:   USD 28 

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Finance Office : U5 Baywalk Building brgy. Villarica, Babak Samal City Davao Del Norte 8019. Philippines.

Registered Office, ARMM :  SKIA Bldg. Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, Philippines.